Tuesday, December 26, 2006

What next?

My goal is to identify potential problems with using Scala in my work environment. Most apps are small-to-middling sized web applications used internally to support a sales and manufacturing company. Relevant technologies used are:
  • Glassfish for the application server
  • JSF/Facelets for the view layer
  • Eclipse for the IDE. Although there is some attraction for Netbeans.
  • Yes, we still build with Ant. Being a mouth-breather, I can't quite wrap my head around Maven.
  • Continuous Integration. We use Hudson, but I'm more wed to the idea of CI than to any particular server.
My brainstorm list of questions to be answered:
  • Can I build ejb3s with Scala?
  • JSF-managed beans?
  • Spring-managed beans?
  • How do I structure builds with mixed Java/Scala code?
  • Can I use annotations? Create them in Scala?
I'm sure that I'll come up more as I go along.

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